SMB Solutions

Manage Service Provider (MSP)

For its simplicity and ease of management, River Tik Network promotes the MSP (Managed Service Provider) service model. It is widely used in Information and Communications Technology. The service provider is responsible for providing a defined set of services to the client, either proactively or when technical assistance is required.

The majority of services can be provided remotely through Internet or Virtual Private Network (VPN), which prevents costly on-site visits. The services commonly available in the MSP model are: Office Technical Support, Networking Support, Software Updates, Patches Installation, Data Backup.

The most commonly used with this model is a fixed monthly rate. It can also be in "time and material" and as "price-per Workstation, Server or Network Device". This peace of mind and predictability of costs is often appreciated by managers.

Unless you add to your infrastructure during the year under contract, your monthly fee will be fixed for the entire year, regardless of the number of hours of service required.