Sale MikroTik delivery in Myanmar

The creation of a digital network is a responsible and complex process, the decisive role in which the level of the hardware park plays. Its characteristics determine the stability of the system, traffic safety, and maintenance costs.

MikroTik equipment is the best that the market offers today as a base for network projects of various scale and complexity. Universal, productive, and most importantly, finely tuned brand devices do not need advertising. Acquisition MikroTik - take a few steps to the future!

Advantages of MikroTik equipment

For what brand do ordinary users and professionals choose? What distinguishes it from its competitors?

  • MikroTik RouterBOARD - a line of hardware platforms that allow you to assemble your own circuits (wired and wireless), ideally suited to the tasks of the project.
  • RouterOS - an operating system with support for all relevant today's network interfaces and protocols. On the level of detail settings this OS has no equal.
  • The price of MikroTik is proportional to the declared capabilities, which together with low operating costs allows you to choose solutions for projects with any budget.

Our capabilities

Company River Tik Network in the market of network technologies since 2015. The experience gained during this time allows us to confidently assert ourselves as a conductor of modern IT solutions. With us you can not only acquisition MicroTik devices, but also get comprehensive support on configuration and service.